What Our Clients Are Saying

Inti Translations is such a wonderful company to work with for translating and interpreting. We receive a quick turn around with our documents that need to be interpreted. His staff is top notch and very professional when it comes to translating in meetings and phone calls. Miguel and Inti have been a pleasure to work with.
EL Coordinator – Morgan County Board of Education

Miguel and his team have been incredibly professional and patient throughout my sessions with families, which often involve discussing difficult topics and complex medical information. I have been especially impressed with their ability to complete translations within a very short time frame, ensuring that families receive report results quickly. I would recommend them to anyone who is seeking a collaborative interpretation approach that provides the highest level of care for patients and their families!
Laura K Hansen, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Director of Clinical Psychology at Mitchell’s Place

I worked with Miguel with one or two patients this past fall. He was so helpful with my families. The ability to be able to fully communicate with the families was instrumental with carryover skills and education. Having an interpreter allowed me the opportunity to better explain my recommendations for diagnostic testing, and for the family to receive additional community services available to them. Miguel went above and beyond by calling the families and confirming their appointments each week.
Meredith Koch Street, MS, CCC-SLP – Speech-Language Pathologist